A Fresh New Start

      I have not written in a while as I needed some time to reflect, relax, and breathe before moving forward in all that we do daily.  Recently, I helped organize a fundraiser for Make a Wish.  We started planning in January and the event was in November. It seemed like we lots of time, but always end up rushing around.  All the planning, preparing, and anticipation over in less than two hours.  But… isn’t this true for everything!

      All the planning we do for our children in hopes that we will cover everything they possibly need to know to be successful adults in society. From extra tutor sessions to sport clinics, a child’s success is always the reason why kids are pushed so hard. So why don’t we take time to focus on their well-being and strength as a child?  As a parent of 3 very different children, I has always taken the stance of making sure their feelings are heard. We work through difficult decisions, disappoints, or achievements in their lives. I try to find ways to build their confidence and self-esteem so they will be prepared for their future. Every day is different, there are always new struggles, and now more emphasis on being more than a mom. Does that take time?  YES!  Is it extra work?  ABSOLUTELY!

      In the end we need to think of ways to make sure our children reach their potential.  If we think of all the tools, strategies, collaborations, tips, and tricks of how to make a child strong right now, it will be so overwhelming.  However, just like the fundraiser.  It is about endurance.  It is about getting the big things right first. Such things as showing love, instilling values, developing work ethic, or building a positive mindset.  It is not about how quickly that happens; it is about giving it your all to make it happen. Life coaching for kids may be the fresh new start a child needs to formulate a strong mindset. This will help them at their core. Once kids understand how to apply their confidence, they will grow into the citizen you have been striving for them to become.

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