Growing Personally to Develop the Whole Child

Does your child need to

  • learn how to set goals for themselves?
  • be more confident in him/herself?
  • think positively about who they are?
  • learn how to handle fear, change, or mistakes?
  • navigate their emotions such as stress, anxiety, or failure?
Find out ways to help your child grow into a strong adult through Life Coaching for Kids!

Mission: We use stories and life coaching techniques to teach kids from 6-12 powerful, empowerment skills, personal development, and mindset skills so they can create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives!

Private Coaching

Individualized sessions will provide a deeper dive into the needs of your child.

Group Coaching

Wyatt and kids

Group sessions will focus on broader topics such as confidence and peer pressure. Kids will be working together to begin steps to change their thinking to a positive mindset.

Parent Workshops

Parent workshops will provide strategies to empower their child so they can grow personally.

“Believe you can and you are half way there!”

Theodore Roosevelt

Welcome! I am Coach Kathy!

I am a mother of three kids, Special Education teacher, softball coach, wife, tech nerd, and life long learner.

I have been a teacher for over 15 years holding different positions in education. I hold a Master’s degree in Technology, and currently a 6th-grade special education teacher. Throughout my time as an educator, I have learned about mindset and started to focus my instruction around this idea. In my classroom, I see the need to give kids the power of their own personal development by creating a safe environment for them to explore. I am always working to grow personally and professionally! I want to bring this type of empowerment to more kids and it can happen through the system developed in Adventures in Wisdom. I can bring the patience, abilities to organize their learning, and involvement with parents and kids to create strong adults and productive citizens!

Adventures in Wisdom

I use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids by Adventures in Wisdomâ„¢

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